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Fiverr Refreshed



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4 hours ago, mariashtelle1 said:

It doesn’t need to be refreshed minutes in a row…. Why would you even want to do that? 

I'm an obsessive clicker. I must refresh any and all of the things!

4 hours ago, murad_hr_ said:

Hi, can anyone tell me how many minutes in a row the Fiverr needs to be refreshed? Mobile and Desktop 

I don't understand the question, but if you're trying to stay online, just check in whenever you have the chance. 

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The answer is 5.5, on even days, or 42, on odd days. Obviously. No, wait, obviously, Fiverr does not need to be refreshed, unless it behaves in a wonky way.

If you have a sensible, target-aimed reason for refreshing, like something seems off, or you want to check for new buyers request and don't trust the page to show the newest on its own, it makes more sense to spend your time on actually productive things, or more entertaining things.

If your reason to refresh is that you feel like you'll have a better chance of getting an order if constantly being shown as online, try to find out the "needed" refreshing interval by using a watch? And once you have it, don't forget to confirm every once in a while, such things might change over time, same as the ToS.

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