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Separate Gig Extras from Quantity Changes

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I’ve tried ordering several gigs recently where I needed to get multiple quantities of the gig in order to meet my requirements. However, when trying to order a Gig Extra like “finish in 1 day” or “deliver video in HD”, changing the quantity of the gigs ALSO changes the quantities of the Gig Extras.

So, for example, I ordered an animated video that was $5 per 30 seconds, and I needed 2 minutes and 30 seconds of video, so I had to order “Quantity 5” of the gig. I also wanted to add $5 for one gig extra that added voiceover sync for each 30 seconds, and I wanted a $10 gig extra for HD format, and a $20 gig extra for 1 day delivery.

When I tried ordering Quantity 5 of that gig, it not only multiplied the $5 original gig price by 5 times, but also the $5 per-gig voiceover sync (which is fine because I needed to multiply that, too), but it also multiplied the $10 HD format Gig Extra by 5 AND the $20 1-day delivery Gig Extra by 5.

So the gig SHOULD have cost me $80:

$5 for the video plus $5 for sync = $10 x 5 units = $50. Plus $10 for HD, plus $20 for 1-day delvery. $80 total.

Instead, changing quantity to 5 made it a $200 gig:

$5 for the video, plus $5 sync, plus $10 HD, plus $20 1-day = $40. Take that times 5 = $200.

The only solution was to order one gig at quantity 4, and a SEPARATE gig with quantity 1 plus the Gig Extras. That’s a poor user interface.

So my suggestion is to separate Gig Extras into two categories:

  1. a “Per Gig Extra” (for things relating to the gig that must be multiplied by the quantity
  2. a “One-Time Extra” (for adding to the price AFTER the quantity multiplication to cover things like 1-day delivery, or special video format or whatever)

    Hope to see that improvement soon so I don’t have to keep ordering multiple gigs for one project.


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