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1st order, need advice - What if customer ask for revision when the delivery time almost finished?



Hi everyone,

I have my first order about digital art-painting. The delivery time is 5 days, with 2 revisions. However, I finished and sent the artwork on the 3rd day (via DELIVERY button on Fiver). Im waiting for customer to confirm it. It's fine if customer accept or keep silent until finished, then the order will be Finished successfully. What if customer want to revise at the final date, I mean sometime it only remain some hours, and even we have different time zone, I might be sleeping at the moment customer send the request for revision. So I will be late on delivery the revised product or not, because I still need to revise it 2 times (if customer ask to, and I'm fine for that).

Thank you so much, this is my first order and I dont want to be late, so I need your advice on this!!

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Hi Hana,

Your main responsibility is to deliver a finished order on time. After your delivery, it does not matter if your client accepts the delivery, the delivery gets marked as completed (3 days after you deliver your order and your client does not take action), or your client asks for a revision. Your order at this point cannot be marked as late as your initial delivery was on time. If your client asks for a revision, your order might appear as "late" on your dashboard, but it does not mean anything and you can take as long as you like to deliver your revision, although, of course, it's best to do it in a timely manner.

I have this one order in revision with my regular client for more than three months. We agreed that we would work on it when she has everything she needs for her project and the order has been there ever since. I've actually done a few other jobs for her in the meantime and just left this order hanging. 😄 I don't mind it too much as it shows that I have an order in queue when it's going a bit slower.

Screenshot 2022-01-27 043224.jpg

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Oh my, 96 days... fingers crossed that this isn't one of the super secret success criteria and might hold you back more than it might help by staying in your queue, who knows what The Algorithm is up to these days...

But yes, "the seller is not timed on delivering the revisions.  The on-time delivery statistic only measures the first delivery made on the order. ", according to Help Center info, so, at least in theory, it shouldn't matter, and yeah, it wouldn't bother me too much if it was a regular client. I don't like red stuff like that on my page, though, so it kind of would bother me, after all, aesthetically. 😉

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