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I didl't received any order



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Guest afrojaahmed

Keep active.

10 buyer request send everyday.

Develop your skill.

Send effective buyer request.

I hope you will best from fiverr.

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23 hours ago, atik_riad said:

I received last order in October. Now i didn't receive any order. I was changed my all  gig. But didn't receive any order. I always online. Please any one suggest me what i can do and i'll receive order!!!
Advance Thanks for your best suggestion.

Keep Trying and stay online 

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All this is from your profile:

"Professional Creative and Unique Expert In Packaging and Label Design". What makes you unique? Why do you consider yourself an expert in the field? As far as I've seen, there's absolutely no proof for these claims and they are not likely to convince buyers who know what they're looking for.

"I am highly professional Graphic Designer with over 4 years of strong experience in multiple field." Highly professional freelancers don't feel the need to say they're highly professional, they show it. Less talking, more doing. Also, "strong experience" does not mean anything. Showing your potential clients that you don't know what you're talking about does not instil confidence.

"Definitely, I can satisfy you 100% and hope we can make a long time relationship 🙂" This is a professional freelancing platform, not tinder.

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