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What should I do?


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Hi Fiverr guys,

I’m new on Fiverr ( although I signed-up a year ago 😃 ), just have 6 gigs in first month. I’m a designer and I have my day job, my question is:

What I should do if I get many orders from clients ? I mean, you can check my gigs, one take 7 days and another is 3 days ( I’m considering to make it into 4 days ). You know, I have a day job, so I just have 4-5 hours for Fiverr ( after my day job, of course ).

And what should I do if I get sick or something like that, and can’t delivery orders on time?

I’m really appreciate from you guys, especially from experiences people

Thank you so much

p/s: My target is get first 1000$ from Fiverr in 3 month ( 2 month is better 😃 ), be honest, do you think it is possible?

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQS.

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I also had the same problem on delivering loads of orders alone earlier. You can use Vacation Mode on Fiverr to safely suspend your Gigs without affecting the exposure, rankings inside Fiverr.

Your goal is possible, but you must put lots of hard work to improve and lots of self-promotion. Self-promotion can be Free, but Free things consume lots of time to complete.

According to your available time, goal is not realistic, but it can be done by a full time seller.

Best Wishes,


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Thank you Luikangmk, honestly I think just like you. I have not enough time for my goal, but I can’t quit my day job now, that’s why I need your advice. Does anyone else have another ideas?

About Vacation mode, I heard that you shouldn’t use it because they will make clients can’t find you in a long time, is it true?

Thank you

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To get $1000 you need to sell a minimum of 250 Gigs (1000 divided by $4)

250 Gigs in 3 months is 21 Gigs per week, or 3 per day.

Only you can decide how many you can do each day or week.

If you develop a gig that takes an hour to do, you’ll need 21 hours per week. For a 30 minutes Gig you’ll need 11 1/2 hours per week and so on.

Unless you create some super hot gig, 250 in 3 months with your schedule seems a bit unrealistic. But you’ll never know unless you try!

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It sounds like you are saying you have 20 hours a week to devote to fiverr.

A five dollar gig should only take you a very short while to complete. I don’t know how fast you work but 6 gigs a month you should be able to easily handle.

If you start to get a lot of work that you are afraid you can’t handle you can always set the time to finish a gig for a week or more if you need to. And the vacation mode works well for most people if you get sick or can’t do your fiverr gigs at all. When I start to get too backlogged I change my gigs to allow more time to finish them.

I’m not sure you can make $350 a month during your first months on fiverr but possibly. My experience was I needed to get some positive feedback first and build up to it with lots of repeat clients.

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Thank you Voiceoverwork & Misscrystal. I will think about how to make a gig that can finish it in 1or 2 hours. You know, my fastest gig is 2nd one ( Weebly design ), it took 4 hrs to finish it :).

So, to get 1000$ in 3 months ( it’s hard than I thought ) or 1000$ per month ( hardest 😃 ) is not unrealistic.

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