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Requests marked as spam, but public request is a mess



I'm looking for somebody, who updates my Chrome extension. I found some sellers with skills matching my search and contacted them with a privat message - around 10 sellers. While 24 hours I've got no answer, despite of very good reviews of these sellers.

Next day I selected another sellers and contacted them with privat message. My messages weren't sent - instead they were marked as spam. The Fiver bot recommended to rise a public request instead of multiple messages to single sellers. That maked sense for me - I did so.

While next 24 hours I've got around 30 responses, all of them are an absolute spam, people definitely didn't read my request.

What is the appropriate way to find a seller fast under these circumstances?

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36 minutes ago, mariashtelle1 said:

don’t send copy pasted messages

But hey, it is a long text, it contains a detailed technical description of the task. I needed much time to formulate it. And yes, my question to all potential sellers is indeed the same. Do you just mean, a bot is stupid, come around?

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17 minutes ago, lean_seo_guy said:

Do you just mean, a bot is stupid, come around?

The bot is pretty automated and just picks up if copy pasted messages sent. Maybe try with just opening conversation like “Hi, I have this project in mind, would you like to know the details?” And another message with “hi, I’m looking for a seller to do x project, would you be interested? I can send you the list with details of the project” etc. Just rephrasing your opening message before jumping into description. 

I know it’s a bit annoying but actually might help to screen sellers communication rather than them just replying “yes, I can do your project” 

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