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How can i AVoid Gig description content illigal problem?



Dears! I have pacing  a problem.. can't use a word 2more times.. like the Website word. as a Result it's being to do DESCRIPTION SEO problem... and besides, i can't Avoid Description content illigal proble,. that's why i can't publish a gig since 4 more days. 

please anyone help me, how to i can Solve the "description content illigal" problem? 

#I am Website designer.

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4 hours ago, melanielm said:

Use different words. You do not need to stuff your description with the same words (keyword stuffing is obsolete!). 

There is no way Fiverr said specifically "description content illigal" as that is spelled incorrectly. What did they say was the actual issue?


Hello dear,    

i did change it many kind of different way, and i am using grammer correct extension, i hope no spelling mistake in my gig description, please check my description, and findout to me where are the main problem? the Description is below... thank you.





Hi Dear!

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1 minute ago, lloydsolutions said:

Suggest you do not address others as "dear" as lots of people don't like it and it will put many buyers off.


 and tell me now. what do i shoud to do for avoid the problem " Fiverr description content illigal"?

please give me solution for Pushlish the gig.


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8 minutes ago, lloydsolutions said:

Read and follow this carefully: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Creating a Gig)

Oh dear, 

 i am sorry to say that, i didn't saw there any kind of  content illligal or Any Rules about gig words.... then why, this happening with me agian and again....   please see the giverr Recomended for Gig Description

  • Briefly describe your Gig (up to 1,200 characters).
  • Be as detailed as possible so buyers are able to determine if your Gig meets their needs.
  • If you add a URL, only include URLs from Fiverr's approved list 
  • Never add contact information


there are not anytypes of binding to Describe about the gig services.

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18 minutes ago, mrrana420 said:

what do i shoud to do for avoid the problem " Fiverr description content illigal"?

If it says it contains illegal characters it's probably because you've pasted content into it (eg. from a Word document) and it could have things like tab characters in it. If you make sure it only contains plain, visible text it should be okay. You could try using notepad (eg. if you can paste it into notepad in a way that will remove tabs etc) or something to remove any special characters or re-typing it manually.

re: word limits - I think Fiverr limits the amount of times a particular word can be used. Like has been suggested you can just try to use an alternative word once you've reached the limit for a particular word.

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