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A very funny experience on Fiverr


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Hi everyone...

Would love to always know more from experts here on Fiverr. I want to share a story and I need an advice.

This didn't happen to me. It happened to a friend but I will take his place as the victim here for easy typing.

Some weeks back, a buyer contacted me(my friend). He said he wanted a VICI dial with VICI interface. He explained everything.

Experts here definitely knows how a VICI dial is. He provided more and more information but he never had the idea about how a dial system operates. From his scope of work and server providing company, I understood the work already. It was a 10 day job. During the process, I noticed the server providing company for his dialer wasn't even offering such services. They were selling electronics lmao. I reached out to him and explained everything. I told him the only way it could work was for me to get him a company that will provide his dail system server and he'd have to make subscription monthly. He agreed and work continued.

VICI interface he wanted wasn't looking so attractive and then I made a suggestion that the server providing company was also a dial system company. Therefore, they'll provide beautiful interface(I won't say the name of the company). I explained every functionalities this interface will have(something VICI doesn't). Every operations it will perform, every agents he will work with and all. Long story short, he agreed partially. He still wanted VICI because he thought VICI was better. Alhamdulillahi, work was done. I made submission of work to him on Fiverr on the 5th day(days of delivery intially was 10), he rejected it and said work wasn't done. Firstly, he began with the whole "I never wanted this interface, this wasn't what I asked for, I wanted VICI, this is wrong blah blah blah". Eventually, after he tested the new interface, he fell in love with it and agreed it was better than VICI. He wasn't even ready to go back to having a VICI interface (that, I suggested after his complain was too much at first).

For this company, if you are novice to their dial system, if you need to know how to set it up for various agents, they'll provide explanatory videos and additional guides to put you through everything you need to know. In my buyer's case, he still wanted me to serve him after work was done. He wanted me to be the one to put him through everything he needed to know when he could easily just contact the company and they'll do that for him. I never hesitated not to put him through. Infact, I had a direct contact with the company and told them to have a live call session with him so he could learn everything. They did that. He learnt a little but still wasn't satisfied. What he wanted was for me to finish the whole dial set up for him which wasn't possible according to the company's rule. On the 7th day, 3 days to the original delivery date, I texted him and asked if he already learnt everything, he didn't respond for 2 days straight so I went ahead and made submission on Fiverr. Some hours later, I got notified for the second time on Fiverr that he rejected the project again. He was still asking me to do the work for him. This time he was threatening me that he was going to ask for a refund if I don't get work done completely. I agreed again to still help him. Finally, work was done, he was taught everything, dial was fixed, issues were resolved.

I made submission on the final day. He accepted it this time and even gave me a 50usd tip to my own pay. He appreciated it. After that was done, I reached out to him again to let him know that now that he understood the dial system, if he had any issue he should just contact the company. They'll attend to him immediately. He didn't respond. I only just showed to him that I cared. 

After 10days of delivery, I got a text from this man that the dial wasn't working again. After 10 days!!!! I asked if he already contacted the company, he said he didn't have the time that he wanted me to do it this time... Again!!!!! I disagreed that my work with him was done and if there was anything, he should easily contact the company, not me again. During my disagreement with him, he insulted me and even the company lol. He called their services crap. He insisted on my contacting them to delete his dial. He said he was done. I told him to reach out to them to do that himself. He didn't respond and the next thing, I got a mail from Fiverr that his money was refunded back to his account. I was shocked and upset. I contacted Fiverr and explained everything to them, no response. Then I contacted him to ask him why he did that, no response from him too.

All I could do was to get his dial deleted. I reached out to the company and told them that if they noticed any operation on his dial, they should let me know. This man was legit operating the dial behind my back after he already asked for refund on Fiverr. He has been using the dial and lying to me that it wasn't favoring him. Now man as collected his money and still uses the dial I provided for him.


What's your take on this?




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