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Buyer is asking too many things - blocked my withdrawls - warning and still he needs more work


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So it started with a normal order. I asked specific requirements and I delievred on time. But Buyer kept asking small modification which I did and I always do them. Then came new big requiremnets other that initally discussed.. So I told him to close last order and we work on new one.


He was ok for that but he said his last order with some other seller on same project he wanted done once closed - the seller blocked him. And so buyer wants assurances.


he went to Fiverr CS and after 1 hour he approved my delivery.

But in 2 days I got warning for my misuse of system to "trick" it.


I opened case that this buyer is making me work more and so I asked him to close last order.


Then came to me that my withdrawals are BLOCKED

I opened case and they told me first work with this order (which is closed) and then we will see.


Now the buyer has been asking me again again new things and in fact keep changing his same requirements as if so kid needs a same toy but try to check different colors. I deal with Excel and VB automations, in my field there is no such thing to keep changing cosmetics etc. 


He is using outdated version of windows and Excel and thats also a problem when he tests my program.


To cut long story short he has litrelly blocked/restricted me . I cannot withdraw any funds. And looks like he has the key to send fiverr his reposne and only then I can restore my account.

He told me he can do that once you finish it. But I have been working for him since a month and looks like it wont end. He is annoying and demanding and on same time not having good health condition to understand. He forgets things.


I mean my life is become miserable in this order. Usually I close such orders in week but he has made me work on it for 4 weeks now and I cannot waste more time.

I asked fiverr to refund him, but no response from them. My last two CS cases were closed without any reply. My account was demoted from TRS to level-2 because of warning.....I mean this single order just ruined everything. My sales are almost down to 0 and even with some sales I cannot withdraw anything.

I need help and advise. 



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That sucks to loose TRS status over it. 

however as a TRS you should know that asking clients to close an order is a big NO No. 

the best way to handle that situation would’ve been just to send him an extra within that order for an extra work that he was asking. But now you are kind of in impossible position where you already gave “power” to your client… 

I don’t have an advice on how to manage it from here though because you are quite deep in a pickle where you can’t even really push back because fiverr CS tied your hands. 
If you have access to your success manager then I probably would advise you to reach out to him and ask for an advice. 

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SO no matter what happens - on Fiverr Customer is considered as god? 
| mean seriously this guy has made me worked 10 times and CS is silent and still want me to work for him?


I am thinking of quitting fiverr all together. So dis heart with situation and how CS treats freelancers. 

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2 minutes ago, jawadarshad007 said:

SO no matter what happens - on Fiverr Customer is considered as god? 

No, no matter what. I had quite a few situations where fiverr CS stood on my side. What I’m saying that they already think that you tried to “manipulate” your client to close an order. You should never ever say that phrase to a client. So it’s tougher to get out of that situation. 

In my opinion it all would’ve been avoidable if you would’ve just added an “extra” to an existing order for extra work. 
Even opening another order would’ve worked in your favour if you wouldn’t have mentioned “to close last order”. 

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Ok, so I requested CS to refund/Cancel the order. 
they did it and now I am much relief/relaxed now... Thanks God. Although I lost around 1000 USDs on this order. But I am happy at least.


Now the buyer is not happy and pleading literally to get new order. He is saying we were 99 % done and he was only asking for 1% adjustments. I am refusing. He is willing to pay more. But I am afraid he might give me more trouble as I worked 1 month on his project and he was so annoying with his demands and wishful nature, making me work like a slave.

I told him this Order ruined my account and my TRS status and now I am on warnings and so I can lose the whole account. So I cannot take more risk with him any more. But he is constantly sending me messages to complete the work (which I am sure is completed many times but not to his understanding).

Please advise?



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