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Where to ask for a custom gig not found in any category?


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Hi All

If I want to buy a custom gig which I cannot find in any category, where can I ask for that?

Is there a forum or section where one can specify some service that he/she wants to buy, but is not among any of the ready gigs?

Also, is it allowed for me to post a thread asking members to help me find a certain gig, which I couldn’t find myself? And in which section can I post that?

Thanks in advance

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Reply to @yasar777: There is a link in the footer on the main page under BUYER meny - Request a Gig, also when you do a search there will be a box on the bottom of the result page where you can request a gig.

The Buyer Requests link is also in the footer under seller menu (only shows if you’re a seller)

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