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It is a bit concerning to me that your service is SEO optimization and yet your gigs clearly fall short. 

I spent the first half of my career in the technology field and I can barely understand what your gig titles are trying to convey.  Unless you are marketing to a very small niche, you need to word your titles to have the words people are searching for......you know........SEO. 

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These are my suggestions (changing some of these might help with orders):

Gig: I will rank website seo service for google top ranking
Maybe reword the title.
In the FAQ section:
 In answer 6 you say "I'm from the USA" but your seller profile has the country set to Pakistan. Maybe change that if you're not from the USA (it's against the site rules to copy other seller's FAQs I think).

Gig: I will do local seo rank gmb optimize google my business 3 map pack
The main gig image has text that gets cropped on the profile (eg. it shows "OCAL SEO" on the profile). Maybe change the image so it doesn't get cropped as much.

In the gig description:

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