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Hi there! let's introduce ourselves! When did you got your first order?

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Take greetings from our DredeIT team.

I am Tonmoy, We are a team of 6 members.

Just started our journey here in fiverr. We are working with WordPress website design. Just published two gigs now. Looking forward to get an order soon.

What are your niches? When did you got your first order from here? Let's help each other to grow together,


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On 1/25/2022 at 8:06 PM, mdolon02 said:

Hi ! I am Mohsina From Bangladesh.

I published my gigs more over two month. But at now i cant get any single order. For that i am disappointed 😥

How many gigs did you post? What's your working niche? 

I am also waiting for my first orders...just posted two gigs. Three days running...300 impressions and 8 clicks.....

Hope we will get an order soon.

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