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UK Self Assessment, Should I declare Fiverr income as "Foreign Income" even though I'm paid in GBP?

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Hi everyone,

Really struggling with this one. Currently doing my self assessment (Late... I know!!!) and wondering wether I should be declaring the income I make from Fiverr as Foreign Income or not. On the one hand I think yes as Fiverr is based in Israel, however I am paid in GBP so would it make any difference? I'm really not sure what difference it would make if I declared or not as I'm declaring the amounts I receive anyway... Maybe someone more intelligent than me can answer this one! 🙂 

On the other hand I also think, some of my clients are based in the UK like me, so would that not mean there is no Foreign Income in that case or because technically I'm paid via Fiverr's service via Israel, it is still classed as Foreign Income in HMRC's eyes?

Trying my best not to poke the big, not so fluffy, HMRC bear with this one!

I'd love some feedback on this folks as I'm well and truly out of my depth!! 🙂

Thank you all in advance!

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For anyone who comes across this, spoke with an HMRC Senior Specialist this morning who advised as Fiverr is not taking any income tax from us, and as long as you're providing the same services in the UK, you do NOT have to declare it as Foreign Income. 

He advised that you must use the amount you receive in GBP at the end of the transaction as the number towards your income and declare in the standard way as you would with a private, UK-based, client.

I hope this helps anyone who is as lost as I was!

All the best,


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On 1/25/2022 at 10:24 PM, danwheeleruk said:

Thank you so much for this! Super helpful, I was hoping this was the answer. So basically I just treat it as standard UK income and declare the amount that arrives in my UK bank account once I've withdrawn it from Fiverr?

Also interested in this. From most of the research I've done, it seems like you'd treat the income as taxable when it comes into your Fiverr balance and is available for withdrawal, but there aren't any clear answers out there.

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