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Has Fiverr fixed every spelling mistake in skill lists?


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Has anyone noticed that within the last 30 days or so that all (or most?) skill list spelling errors on profiles seem to have been fixed?

eg. if someone had a skill of "digital marketig" it will have changed to "digital marketing" and the URL has changed to automatically convert "digital marketig" etc. to the correct spelling (when viewing the list of sellers with a particular skill) - eg. viewing the link for "translaiton" will get converted to "translation".

So maybe it's not possible to create a skill with a misspelling or common misspelling any more. It seems good for the site. Maybe they might do something similar with other text on the site (eg. spelling/grammar checks/correction) - unless that would have downsides.

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12 minutes ago, imagination7413 said:

I can't recall any of the ones I've come across, to be able to check and/or verify.

You can also tell by a Google search. eg. a Google for search for:

site:fiverr.com "digital marketig"

Any profiles that it found the result in, if it has a cache option (that it seems to have a lot of the time - eg. see the 4 dots at the end of the URL and see if the cached option is there), any that have something like that in the skills (eg. from a page search of the Google cache page of the profile) will now, on the live site show the correct spelling in the skills section.

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