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Which are the most in-demand Gigs/services on Fiverr? any suggestions from Seniors.


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I'm a Fiverr buyer and I find art/drawing gigs to be one of the most in-demand since they are many different niche, they are unique (assuming they are not stolen art), and buyers just need to offer details the first time, so there isn't a commitment to keep in contact constantly. 

There are many niche within the drawing gigs, such as cartoon, anime, chibi, comics, realistic, backgrounds, vector, etc.

Even though there are many art gigs, many of them have weaknesses that could give you an advantage:

- Many art gigs ask for high quality pictures that are drawn the way it is without modifying different elements such as pose or accessories, which give me the impression they are cheating by either tracing or just converting the image to a oil painting/black and white art style with an app. That itself is shady and a turn off. Offering options to modify pose, add accessories, mix and match and headswaps will bring more buyers because it shows you are accommodating. 

- Plenty of art gigs only draw portrait or half body because they require less effort and turn away buyers who want full body arts. Offering full body art draw in more buyers. It takes more effort to draw full anatomy, but worth it. 

- Many artists do not like drawing complicated things like cars, armors, and mechas, so if you are willing to learn and have the patience for it, you will have even less competition and bring hope to the buyers who are discouraged at seeing "no mechas" and "no cars" in gig description because search results pick up those words. These buyers could also work in developing video games and table top games, so they could order more from you if they need lots of characters or if they are working on expansions and sequels. 

- Group characters bundles/gigs is also in demand as most art gigs offer individual character prices, so adding additional characters cost more, and the larger the group, the more costly it will be. By making a group artwork gig, you'll get more buyers flocking to you since it offers the best value. 

- Skip logo designs since they are oversaturated due to their simplicity, it will be hard to get visibility from it unless the logos are highly designed and not generic.

I hope this will help you as I love drawing gigs and I am just sharing which demand could be satisfied with little competition. 


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