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hallo, I am new on fiverr. I have been trying to get an order for a few days and it is not :(

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Hello, I have been trying to get an order for a few days and it is not 😞 I am disappointed. 😞 I am doing something wrong. Help me. I will get all the advice. 


This is my answer of offer: 


I saw your offer Article Writer and I am interested in it. First of all I want to mention that I have a lot of free time because due to the pandemic I am going to work from home and I can spend all my time on your article. 

I would also like to mention that I can write a high quality article, citing scientific sources that will make your blog more credible and professional.
As for my skills and experience. I have written a scientific paper at the university which was with academic accuracy and I have a great deal of experience in scientific writing. Also on freelancer.com I recently wrote a science fiction story about mermaids.
As for work style and reliability: I will send you my work at the end of each day as well as guarantee plagiarism as I  will mark the sources.
I will be glad if we work with you on this topic. 

looking forward for your reply


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  1. Stop using templates when responding to buyer requests. Nobody wants to hear how you have free time due to the pandemic and what not.
  2. How can a buyer depend on you to write an article for them when you don't even put the effort into sending them a personalized response?
  3. They don't need to hear how much of a "good job" you can do for them (quality of service is always expect in FIverr).
  4. Do not mention other freelancing platforms in Fiverr. It's unethical and possibly a violation of TOS.

Additionally, Just look at what the buyers write in their requests and responding with how you can solve their problem (in your case, how you gonna approach the topic, what perspective, your process of writing for a new topic, etc.)

Finally, Spend some time to research and create eye catching gigs to get attention. Your gig should speak for itself.

Hope that helps.

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