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6 Years with only one gig sold ! Frustrating


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Hello community , I have joined Fiverr since 2015 and I have not received any order until December 2021, my client was very satisfied and gave me a 5 star rating.
I have 6 live gigs. I prioritized the one that been sold and I worked on it but I got nothing more than impressions.

Seeking Experts help , here is my gig link in case I need to change somethings : https://www.fiverr.com/share/Awja6P

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Hello, I hope you're doing well, 

so in my opinion, if you're gig are not sale on last month, then you need to change... Like if you don't get any impressions, try to change the gig tags, 

if you don't get any kind of click, try to change the gig images also, 

so if you're doing already change all the think, but inutility your gig still not perform, delete that and try to create the new one,


wish you all the best for your journey 

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I'm a good writer. 

That's all.

I'm terrible at marketing, choosing gig images and so on - but I'm good at what I offer. 

Works just fine for me.

(ah, and I suppose, I'm also pretty creative.) Personally, I didn't go through tons of steps, just took my chance and worked hard. 

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18 minutes ago, mokhlesdom said:

Can you tell them what the number 1 Tip is that summarizes all the steps that you went through ?

One tip couldn't possibly adequately cover or "summarize" all the steps that a seller has to partake in *potentially* becoming successful.

Here's three that don't even scratch the surface of what might be involved:

1. Only offer services that you are actually skilled/talented/experienced/good at. Far too many sellers follow trends that some "gurus" tell them to replicate.

2. Read and understand the jist of Fiverr ToS, Community Standards, and the procedure of how orders work. Going into selling with no knowledge whatsoever can end your Fiverr journey before you know it.

3. Watch out for predatory buyers and scammers on the Buyer Requests page. Many new sellers pin their initial hopes on bagging an order in BR, but BR is a raging dumpster fire full of garbage offers and a sprinkling of sane requests intermixed. Don't willingly let yourself be exploited.

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