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Sellers’ Use Of Buyers’ External Account


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Hello -

With a SELLER whom I have had a very good reputation with, one with high FIVERR Feedback rating ; one current dilemma. I as the BUYER , I am to suspect that they have recently started using my External Word Processing account for their personal purposes , outside of my immediate FIVERR Orders’ Tasks.

This is a suspicion at this point.

I do not know how to approach them with this suspicion. I do not know how I may actually prove this accusation.

Your suggestions.


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I can understand that how frustrating it is to doubt someone is not loyal!

I would suggest you to give him a reminder about the usage right and also with a separate quote about not to use your business accounts for personal/outside of your specific project purpose.

If you've proof, then you can show or revoke the account access by showing security concerns and ask them to manage as their own.

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