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Can my account get banned for not responding or blockingspammers?


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How should i deal with these spammers?

For example, a spammer sent me a message asking me if i am interested in data entry job to sent his assistant a message on whatsapp !! That is obviously a spammer because if he has a job for me he would of discussed it directly not through his assistant on whatsapp.

The question is how to deal with these kind of spammers in a way that doesn't affect my selling or get my account closed??

Thank you.

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Make a quick reply that says something appropriate and send that before hitting the Spam button.

However, some buyers just don't know that they have to communicate 100% through Fiverr. Not everyone reads the TOS (buyers and sellers both). In this instance,, I would respond with "According to Fiverr's TOS, all communication must take place here on the site. How can I help you?" etc.

If they're a scammer just trying to gain access, they won't respond.

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