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A "grimacing" post reaction emoji please...

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We are currently limited to six post reaction emojis (far too few IMO) and CONSTANTLY find myself grimacing at the flawed or flat out harmful advice posted ad nauseum on the forum.

I think it would at least give a quick visual indicator of how many forum users do not agree with what a posts states and all but the "confused" and "sad" emoji are positive reactions but are not exactly befitting of the role.

I know this will go nowhere, but just wanted to make the suggestion public...



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Since we have two trophy icons already (Thanks and Congratulations), maybe make a third for 'You're Welcome'

(Though, that might get confusing with the greetings 'Welcome' should that be implemented.)


👋 - Greetings
🏆 - Welcome
🍕 - (I don't remember why, just that someone else here on the forums said they wanted to be able to react with 'pizza'.)

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