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I am new seller on Fiverr


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Hello @foster_ledp


Welcome to fiverr. 


As a seller who has been on the platform for quite a while now, I hope that these few tips that worked for me will help you. 


1. Make sure your profile is well created. A nice and well-written profile description that'd convince your buyer to work with you. Don't leave out the languages spoken, education and do highlight your skills on your profile. 


2. A well-designed gig cover photo that'll make you stand-out in the search could do a lot of magic. You should never underestimate the power of a well designed gig image. 


3. Optimize your gigs. Use the right GIG TITLE and TAGS. 


4. A good gig description. Your gig description is more like a sales copy that sells you off to the buyer. Make sure it is well written and free from grammatical blunders. 


5. Visit the buyers request section. This is where buyers do post their project request. Monitor this section in order do be among the first set of people to apply. You might get lucky this way and land your first job and more. 


6. Make sure you have a well written proposal that'd convince your client on why you should be hired for the job they posted. 


7. Make sure your prices are reasonable. Since you are just starting out, your pricing should be reasonable in order to attract clients quickly. But don't ever sell yourself too low just because you're eager to get a job. 


8. Respond to messages swiftly. Some buyers are not patient and do not really have the whole day. If they buzzed you and didn't respond within minutes, they see you as 'unserious', and they move on to the next available seller.


9.  Share your gigs! Share your gigs on your social media profiles. You might be lucky and land your first job and many more projects. 


10. Have the skills. While you're eager to land jobs, have it in mind that it is important to have the required skills to deliver the project. If you do the job well and the client had a good time working with you, they'd be glad to recommend your services to friends and families. But in a situation where you get the job and couldn't do it well, that'd be a total turn-off to the buyer to even recommend your skill to anyone or leave a good review. 


I hope that with the points I've mentioned above, you're able to follow them and do well on fiverr. 


All the best. 

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