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Any expert who is willing to review 2 of my gigs?


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Issue: Impressions of 2 of my gigs are above 1.5k/month but still I am not getting order and even much clicks.
Hello, I need some help from expert/experience freelancers who have time and willing to review 2 of my gigs. 
- Gigs images not looks bad
- Descriptions are to the point
- Tags and titles are relevant
I already checked and tried my best to find the reason behind this, but I failed and didn't find the reason. 
Gig 1) https://www.fiverr.com/share/k7DzvW
Gig 2) https://www.fiverr.com/share/qdVlNV

I would appreciate if someone willing to help in this regard.
Thanks 🙂

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Have you done any market research into the need of your services?

1. Number of people needing book cover.

2. Number of Sellers that have cover gigs.

The main problem facing new seller is penetrating the field to grab buyers away from established sellers. As an example, I already have 3 cover designers that do exceptional work. I'm not interested in finding any more, new or established, sellers. Why would I risk my money & time hiring an untested person when the 3 I have already know my style.

Getting yourself out there means finding new buyers willing to give new sellers a chance or an experienced buyer looking for something new. Your gigs are fine. You can try something eye catching in your description. I once hired an editor here because she started her description with a hilarious joke!! 😆

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In "I will do book formatting and layout design for both ebook and printing"

the last thing in the gig description is "Please do not buy this g". Maybe change that.

Also in that gig, "Servies offer in this gig:" could be "Services offered in this gig:".

Both of the gigs you've linked to have a shortened link in the description that isn't in the list of allowed links.

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