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Show-off your workstation! Here is where i do all my magic!


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So i decided to share my workstation, displaying where i do most of the work for my gigs.

Simple set up, here is a list of what i use.

  • Macbook Pro

    I use this for almost everything. Video editing , drawing and eating cookies.

    -Bamboo create drawing tablet

    With this i can draw lots of cookies

    -Gopro HERO2

    I can capture HD video even underwater, perfect for sushi hunting.

    -M-Audio Mic and MXL mic

    Whenever i feel lonley i use the mics to record myself talking about my crappy day.

    Perfect for podcast and cookie songs.

  • MISC

    Berserk , attack on titan and deadman wonderland manga.

    When i want to chill i sit back and read some manga.

    broken bells VINYL , cuz i love vinyls. Perfect music to set the mood for work.

    Amy toy, cuz im amy from big bang theory and i love sheldon.

    ADATA superior SH14 to store all my piñatas.

    Thats about it.

    Show us where you create your magic!

    Sheriff’s Note: When attaching images to the forum, please limit the dimensions to 670 (width) x 315 (height) pixels.
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Interesting post, Biancha. 🙂

In Internet Marketing, most software and apps are written ONLY for Windows.

And many, only for IE. [Yuck!]

So this would force many Sellers offering IM gigs, to stay away from the superior Apple hardware.

Thus, I’m curious:

Do you find that using a Macbook Pro in your “industry”, is limiting in any way?


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To be honest my operating system of choice is linux, backtrack5 to be exact , i tried kali but i kinda like backtrack5 better.

I have a windows7 pc and what i do mostly on it is play games.

Macbooks are not that good unless you actually need the xcode for ios development and other misc software that only works on apple computers.

Adobe runs fine so i can use any of its products just fine.

When it comes to game dev , unity works both on win and mac but other game engines dont have mac support so its a bit tricky.

i would recomend to get one windows desktop, one linux laptop or pc if you are into security and a macbook pro for video editing and ios development.

there is virtual box , you can emulate a mac OS with it and linux for those who dont want to commit to the price of the mac computers.

Internet explorer is yuck indeed, i havent used it since version 6.

i Think maxthon and chrome do a good job on web browsing.

I never connect to the internet using my mac so im always focused on what im doing, if i was to get online i would get distracted by stupid stuff and cute videos about cats!

So usually when im using the mac im 100% working.

When im at windows im browsing and learning new things.

Backtrack5 keeps me entertained.

i would not recomend anyone to get a mac unless you have money to throw away.

build a hackintosh is cheaper and almost the same results.

I would not call apple computers or hardware supperior, there are tons of ways to get better results using other components. I think apple computers are overpriced and overated.

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Very good & comprehensive answer - thank you! 🙂

My comments:

> I have Windows 7 pc

Yeah, nobody wants Shitsta 2 (Windows 8)! 😉

> there is virtual box

Yup, but emulating Windows on a Mac, usually FAILS for advanced IM software.

So in IM, this is NOT an option.


> Internet Explorer is yuck indeed


Personally, I like Firefox.

> …there are tons of ways to get better results using other components…

True, but 99% of users out there, want to go to the “corner store” and buy a unit “off the shelf”.

No hackintoshes, hackdows, hacktops or hackbooks, allowed!


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Reply to @regency85: yeah i think win8 is a waste of time, shitsta 2 indeed hahah , vista… omg… i remember those days… what a letdown -_- .

Firefox is good but i dont like it because of the logo. I know i know , its irrelevant but when i pin icons in windows, i like to have nice icons there, firefox logo usually looks weird or out of place haahhaa.

Yea i can understand how may people are lazy or think that building a computer is like studying physics or something hard.

I just like to play with hardware 😃 im a curious person so i love to mess up things.

I think its the best way to learn, trial and error.

btw lone wolf? are you into lone wolf and cub?

Are you from game of thrones?

Where is the candY?


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Won’t use software… because it doesn’t fit her “fashion sense” on her computer.

Oh yeah!.. Biancha’s a wacko…

[ducking & running!]


> …or think that building a computer is like studying physics or something hard.

As a physicist, I thank you.


> btw lone wolf?

Have you been peeking under my covers?!!

Bad Girl!


> Are you from game of thrones?

No… I don’t watch crap.



> Where is the candy?

Right beside the cookies, of course!

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Reply to @regency85: hahaah im a wacko indeed! for $5 i will show you how to have a wacko personality!

Extra gigs!

$20 - i will eat a cookie with your name on it.

$10 - i will stare at your face via s***e

$40 - Spy on you.

ahahahhhhahha just kidding.

a slap? you call that a slap? pshhhhhh you can hurt me, my butt is made out of cookies 🙂

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Official Press Release - Fiverr:

We are glad to announce a New category of Fiverr member:

Top Wacko Seller

Our first recipient, Biancha, has achieved substantial Levels of Fiverr Fame, by flinging cookies, sushi, twinkies, KFC and other assorted yummy foods - from Puerto Rico to Fiverr members all around the globe!

Especially Recommended, is her newest, personalize gig offering. It includes Extras such as “eat a cookie with your name on it” and “Spy on you” - but most Buyers will be interested in her $100 Extra (now that she’s a Top Seller)…

…which unfortunately, we cannot reprint here, in a widely-available Press Release that could be read by children.

[cough, cough!]


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Reply to @regency85: JHAHAAHOfoaofhafoahfoaaoahahahahahfahfashfasfaofhao

  • Dies*

    Where is my sushi flavored trophy?

    Do i get a parade?

    I want that thing , yeah that thing to your left, whatever it is, its mine now .

    Oh also , i need my nails clipped, i couldnt find any gigs about it, you should offer nail clipping services for $5 !
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> …for $5 I will bring you back to life


You certainly have a knack for coming up with the BEST, most “unique”, potential Fiverr gigs.


> didn’t you know? boogers is a good source of protein

BLEH! Omigod… I think I just “Dies”…!

> Mmmmm…

Ok, that’s it! Conversation OVER.

I’m going back to work. (That is, after I lean over the toilet bowl!)

:-& >-) :-t

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Reply to @wackytoaster: well , even if you have a 4:3 screen you have something i dont , superb art skills! Im sure you will make a few bucks and buy a huge monitor 🙂 or not, as long as you can deliver , the display has no value.

lets team up , i make the cookies, you make the drawings, 50/50 revenue~! haahhahaah jkjk.

how did you flip the drawing like that? u on photoshop or woot?

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Reply to @biancha: Superb art skills 😃 I love to hear that, but then there are other people in my class that are like 10 times better and then I get depressed again when I see them drawing. There´s still a lot to improve, but I will improve simply because I want to improve (and I want to make it my job)

Yep, that´s Photoshop, I flip the canvas. I think almost everything except paint has this option somewhere. Really helps you to see the errors you made.

Btw. cookies are awesome

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Reply to @biancha: Haha, yea of course, always reaching further. There´s a moment of discouragement followed by a moment of “I can do what he does.” I mean, he used his hands to draw this and I got hands too. Chances are I also can do this.

Did you get my response to your message? For some reason I suspect the Fiverr app to sometimes not actually send the messages.

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Reply to @biancha: My art teachers told me something, and it´s funny how true it is. Most people don´t see drawing as some sort of skill you can learn but rather as some mystical wizardry. 🙂

Also not to completely derail this thread… Glorious 4:3 screen, a bit dark because it´s night.

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