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Raising prices



How comfortable are you in raising your prices, and how do you approach this when it comes to letting your regular buyers know? 

One of my gigs in particular at the moment is under-priced, and I've been meaning to put it up for a while, but I have a couple of regular buyers, and every time I'm just about to raise the price, I get another order from one of them, so I keep putting it off. I've been tempted to raise the price, but continue giving them my current price as I get lots of orders from them, but also realise this might make dealing with future increases over-complicated.

I'm interested to know how other sellers navigate this.

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Once I had a few reviews, I had no problem with raising my prices. I was nervous considering the amount of cheap gigs available, but I haven't suffered because of it. You have to work out what you need to get paid to justify the effort, minus Fiverr's cut and exchange fees. I let my very regular clients know when I raised my fee significantly and most of them didn't bat an eyelid. I've had much better clients since then as well. In my experience, the people paying the least often have the most unreasonable expectations anyway, so you end up with more jobs that are stressful and underpaid. It's not worth it. 

The way I see it, clients aren't just paying me to do a single job, they're paying for excellent customer service and my years of personal experience and investment in my skills. 

Take the leap of faith, you can always go back if you feel it hasn't been worth it for you. 


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