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Gig editing & its effect on ranking


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Hello everyone,

I have a gig that is currently not performing ideally but I have achieved a decent ranking in a couple of weeks. I want to expand the scope of services that I am offering which requires me to make edits to:

  • The gig title
  • The gig description (Significant change here as I have only talked about the services I am offering and not how it will benefit the buyer, rookie mistake I suppose)
  • Packages (Only in terms of delivery time)
  • Gig FAQs
  • Gig Requirements
  • Slight changes to the gig image

So you can imagine the expansion of scope of my gig, I have to make significant changes. I know it will effect my ranking but does anyone have any idea how significant that effect will be?

Any guidance on other perspectives I have missed out on will also be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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