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How can I spend more time on fiverr?

Guest dropout_wpexprt


Guest dropout_wpexprt

I am new on fiverr. From the expert I get to know that if I want to get my very first order I want to be online as many hour as possible. But My question is what should I do with these time frame?

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first of all thats bullshit that you will definitely get orders because you are online thats not the case. Yeah it will help you cause the buyers prefer online seller over the non active seller. 

and if you want to stay online then prefer a time frame you think is the best for you selling like for an example i am a web developer and my clients are over seas so i prefer to be online in the night like 1 to 2 am and iin the morning.  For this i use my mobile application which just by refreshing shows you online. Again it wont help you get orders cause at last its you gigs photos, experiences and ratings which will get you to grab the order.

you gotta be active for desired hours by refreshing your windows, this is the price you have to give for being a new seller on this platform as there is a cut throat comp here.


hope it helps

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2 hours ago, hmraihan_ppc said:

As far as I know, It is better if the first condition can be 24/7.


16 minutes ago, aliyagez said:

You can use fiverr mobile app for fast response and for be active more in fiverr . 


3 minutes ago, iamnafisa said:

Try to active on you PC and use you smart phone. keep active when you are really available for work. 

These are useless advices. Please stop spamming with these gibber jabber!! 🙄😒😡😤

I am a buyer and I don't care if you're awake or not. I care you have a solid portfolio, eye catching pictures, witty descriptions - maybe a little appropriate humor?

I prefer to hire sellers who sleep. A well rested seller does a better job.

The EXPERTS are not experts. They are scammers and liars. Go to sleep.

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