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Don't be upset for review


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Sometimes some sellers are feeling upset for review.

I think...

1>> May be always buyers are not be happy for our services. But as a human, they don't tell us anything.

2>> Or maybe he was busy that's why he forget to write a review.

3>> Maybe he was not 100% satisfied for your service although you through you gave the best service.


So when a buyer is silent about review

1>> Then try to find out your leaking's.

2>> Check out your deliver project, is that were perfect?

3>> Ensure the buyer you gave the best service and ask him did he need any change?


If buyer didn't say anything.....

Just be happy and prepare yourself for the next job.

Its my opinion and not enough for this topic.

Expert SELLERS and BUYERS are welcome to comments and give better suggestions.

It can be helpful for sellers.

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