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How to rate a gig that never happens


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So, I have a gig that is over a week late. The seller is not even responding to my emails. He has not even turned in a single submission for the gig I purchased, so it’s not like I’ve requested a bunch of fixes - I have not received any product. It seems that my only option is to cancel the gig. If I do this, I am SOL and the guy maintains his 100% satisfaction record. There needs to be a way for me to post about my experience (or lack thereof) with him so that future buyers know that this guy is NOT delivering to all of his buyers. The way it is set up now, he looks stellar, but if everyone he ignores just has to cancel the gig with no feedback, it gives everyone else a totally false sense of his dependability. What gives, Fiverr?

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Hi and welcome.

Sorry to hear about this. There is no excuse for a Seller to ignore you.

Since you are new to Fiverr… Lets briefly give the Seller the benefit of the doubt by asking are they sick, hurt or unable to work?

  1. Look at the Sellers gig.
  • How many gigs are in queue?
  • Is it a huge number?
  • Seller could be flooded with orders, or unable to work or communicate.

  1. Did you request a “Mutual Cancellation”?
  • This may get their attention and get you a response.

  1. Has the Order actually gone to “Late” status.
  • If so, you can Cancel without consulting with the Seller.
  • This leaves negative feedback. Seller failed to deliver on time.
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