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Fiverr seller level system and rating improvement limitations of order


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I’m very glad being a part of Fiverr.

I’m new seller, just want to know seller level system. 
My response rate reduced once 89% now 91% because, unfortunately I was new with Fiverr system it happened unintentionally. 
So new seller to 1 seller must have at least 90% response rate in 60 days evaluation.

I want to know that my response rate has improved 91% and yesterday was my next evaluation passed as on 15 Jan. So once 89% response rate happened now, I have to wait and complete 60 days so that I will be eligible again or it’s on evaluation basis?

2nd and last question is about my rating unfortunately it’s 4.7 overall due to 1 order less rating. So how many 5 star rating should have I to gain again 5 star ️ as I was with my quality of work?


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For the 1st one:

Keep doing what you are doing after some order you get above 90% again. But you have to keep finish orders. If number of your order decreases. the Response rate will go down.

2nd Qn:

There is no particular Number. Just after getting some more 5* in a row. It will become normal again.

It takes just 1 Bad star to decrees but lot to increase. Only solution is to keep getting order and completing those timely.

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