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Created a gig image, then edit my gig, Fiverr remove gig for not original image, I submit PSD source file, after few moment Disable my ID, reason stated "I have more than one account, which is wrong


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I need Justice. Any Fiverr Official or Admin could suggest me here what should I do? 
"Maybe 20 days ago I got a notification from the Fiverr team, "For gig image creation guidelines" I read the article several times, and I understand my gig image should be changed as per the guideline.
That's why I have created a new fresh looking gig image yesterday. After changing my gig image, Fiverr team / Robot denied my gig. Reason stated "Not original image or designer" 
I have submitted my gig images Source .PSD file to prove that the image is original and I do create myself. Unfortunately a few minutes later Fiverr team Disabled my Fiverr account! And, reason stated "I have more than one active account" 
This is not right. I strongly disagreed with the reason. Because I have verified my only Fiverr account with my Government issued National ID card. 
Few points for requesting to do a fair justice with me:    
I requested to not to be anger with me, and do the justice please
1. I only edit my gig image and change, because you were invited to read the guidelines and update my gig (Is it my fault to follow your instructions?)
2. I have the Original PSD source file of my new edited gig image (Which Fiverr saying not original)
3. Fiverr disabled my account (Reason saying, I have more than one active account, which is wrong. I have verified with the Govt. issued NID)
4. I requested to show me the prove that I have more than one account. (I strongly believe Fiverr never be able to show my another active account)
In this situation, I earnestly requested to Fiverr relevant team to take initiative to re-active my Fiverr account.
I can provide any information that you need. 
I am really frustrated. 
Friends, What can I do now? Do you have any suggestion? 
Please help.
Thanks a lot. 
Ummul Masakin.
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