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I have done the right work but buyer say to cancel order



Hello respected community of fiverr forum

I have a query for you guys and this is my right so respected people recently i have received order in fiverr where first i have cleared to buyer that i have not guaranteed about any lead buyer says okay and said there is never guarantee of anything in online business so buyer understand and aggree to all terms than i have started the work buyer objective to take sales for his modeling agency in few hours after order buyer said please don't include anything just include in file the jobseekers lead and kfc and McDonald's worker lead because someone advise to buyer i said okay as you want i have done the job in few moments before deliver to order buyer said to add some actors and models in file i said okay i want to build longterm relationship with you so i will do this also i have done i have delivered the order buyer said this leads is not good and not have active number even i have checked all the number from my phone that is active and buyer also said this is not the right person number i have collected this from linkedin you guys tell me who jobseeker pur his wrong number in linkedin i have proof of all linkedin profile to show fiverr and buyer and i have another query if fiverr help me than buyer left nagative review so why this is happen with us we are seller of Fiverr and this is not good we have done the work in Working hard of 10 days than what we expect 1 start or cancel order sorry not all buyer like this only 10% buyer in fiverr like this so please help me and stand up in this problem because fiverr is very trusted platforms let not allow anyone to come and scam any seller seller will demotivate and left the fiverr this is not good in any freelancer community so please give up your words thank you



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3 hours ago, amjadhussain11 said:

just include in file the jobseekers lead and kfc and McDonald's worker lead

If he was asking for leads of personal info on individuals (eg. email addresses or phone numbers) I don't think it's allowed anyway. 

See https://www.fiverr.com/community/standards/prohibited-services


Services That involve sharing personal information of third parties 

We do not allow services that breach 3rd-party rights and lead to spamming individuals. In order to ensure this policy, we ask that the data provided in these services will be unique to each order and will only contain business data. 

 Do not post, offer, or ask for:  

  • Lists with data (such as email addresses or phone numbers) of individuals, only business data.

  • Premade lists containing personal data.

  • Scraping social media platforms to obtain information about others.  

You could check the community standards/TOS and if they ask for something that's not allowed, don't do it (it's better to cancel the order than deliver something against the TOS). You could ask CS to cancel without it affecting your stats though I don't know if they will still do that.

If they threaten a low rating you can report the message.

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