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What Is Success?


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3 hours ago, suma_akter9 said:

Success Depend on Your Skills .

What are you defining as success?

Can you have success without having a goal?

What are you defining as skills?

Is hard work a skill?  Because nearly all success, for difficult to achieve goals, comes from hard work.  Look at every elite person you can name; businessperson, athlete, scientist, etc., they achieved their success because of years of dedication to their craft.  This dedication leads to them have a more advanced skill than everyone else, many times, but it was their determination which allowed them to fine tune any innate ability they already had.  

I encourage you to write down your success plan (You have one, right?), and show how the skills directly lead to success. I think you are going to find skills are a result of all the other things which go into becoming successful. 

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