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When Is the Right Time to Redesign Your Facebook Timeline Cover?


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If you have a facebook fanpage or personal page, chances are you often wonder whether it is the right time to do a total redesign of the layout of your timeline cover. I have here some few points you may need to consider.

Are you thinking of a redesign just for the sake of it?

If you answered yes to that question, then you need to know that it is not yet the right time to do a redesign.

Remember, a design serves a particular purpose and if you are not certain whether to do an overhaul of your fanpage cover, keep in mind that your current design might have a specific purpose that you might not know about. You may lose that function if you do a redesign.

However on the other hand, if your fanpage has had the same timeline cover design for over 2 years, perhaps it is high time to do a redesign.

The last thing you would ever want to happen to your facebook page is when visitors leave your page without taking a look at your content just because your timeline cover page is unattractive, stale or non-communicating.

Note that redesigning your timeline cover is like performing plastic surgery on it because your page loses its current identity (for the better or worse) and your regular visitors might not recognise your new design at first glance. You risk losing them just because they thought they landed on the wrong page. Therefore, it is very crucial that you retain a characteristic feature from your old layout or concept, perhaps it is the logo of your brand or maybe it is the same text style for the title for your fanpage.

To be on the safe side, embrace polling on your page to let your visitors do the talking. If they think it is necessary for the page to have a fresh look, give it to them!

Hope these here few tips are helpful to you.

Cheers to y’all 🙂



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