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Why fiverr is not giving exposure to Old Sellers?

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Hello ,

I am fiverr seller and i have been working on fiverr for last One year now . My gig analytics are 100% satisfaction , 3 hrs responsiveness and 800+ orders , 7% cancellation ratio.

I have never broke any fiverr rule and i am providing quality and genuine service for about last one year. My customers are very happy with my work most of them come again to order.

Unfortunately for about last 6 months fiverr has not given me any exposure . I have contacted them but they reply with same message that we do not provide exposure on request.

I am teacher and trainer also i have trained 80+ students for graphic designing and Fiverr only. Even my students with less than 95% rating and less mature work are constantly given exposure and their gigs are always in front of page…

I have tried every tip and trick but this is not helping me at all. I am very disappointed on Fiverr editors as they do not worth their old sellers.

I am not SEO expert and it is also true that Without exposure on fiverr u cannot earn more.

Please suggest me the changes in Gig and it is request to Fiverr editors to please give some appreciation to good work and sellers who are loyal to you.

Thanx and regards.

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Your gigs look attractive with nice graphics and good descriptions. I think the problem is that you are in a competitive category with lots of other sellers. And as you are aware, Fiverr’s editors don’t really respond to requests to be given extra exposure. I’ve found, though, that what’s shown on the front page to ME is reflective of the kinds of gigs I’ve been viewing recently. So the only way I know which gigs Fiverr is showing as the default front page gigs is if I go delete all my Fiverr cookies first; otherwise I see more of the same gigs I’ve been browsing recently. Is it possible you were looking at students’ work before checking out the front pages?

I’m not a 20-something either, and have a life offline, but it’s really pretty easy to use some social media to promote your gigs. I started a FB page, granted not a ton of followers yet, but slowly increasing, and take photos of my work to put on Twitter and Instagram. That’s not a big deal for me yet, but sometimes something really gets passed along far more than I expected, and it only takes me a few minutes of time…and no money. I also comment on news articles and other places and put my Fiverr link as my signature. Nothing pushy about that: people can ignore it or click it as they wish.

Maybe you’ll need to alter your expectations of what Fiverr will achieve for you. I’m disabled and unable to work, but I have lots of free time. ANYTHING I earn on Fiverr is more than I’d otherwise have, and to be honest, it’s earned me more than I expected. But it doesn’t pay my mortgage, or the utility bills. As a graphic artist, Fiverr may end up being a nice niche market for your work, or a secondary showcase, but not your primary one. Most artists online are already established artists in the real world. But I’m not so sure how many have begun online and continued to earn a living entirely online.

Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide to do~

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