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Giving a Second Chance for Buyers to Edit a Denied Gig and Meet the Required Guidelines


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I may have added details that may have violated particular Fiverr Standards and my only selling gig was taken down. I had good reviews and great number of impressions in average. I have realized I can't edit out the terms used in the gig to get back in business. This means I have to start all over after one year of cultivating the gig to level one. I hope the platform can look for a way to offer a chance or a one time opportunity to edit out prohibited terms. I was not aware if the service I added to my gig was prohibited. 

Please, @Fiverrsupport I hope you consider this recommendation asiIt will really help me and others who may be stuck like me;  no impressions, no reviews, no buyers.

Thanks in Advance, @huston244, Fiverr user.

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