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Browser Chat Bugs



how come that whenever I try answering my clients, I am getting a bug perventing me from getting a new line in the chat?

Here as you can see there's not problem however, with almost all browsers I have the same problem. This problem is, that I have to write all text in an editor first and copy paste it in the fiverr chat if I want to answer anyone, or put everything in one single line.
This is very damn annoying.
The only two other alternatives I have are either answering thought the mobile app, wich increases the time I spend in texting way too much, or changing to Microsoft Edge, which is also something I'd like to avoid as I would very much like to stick to my browsers of choice.

Do you guys have any idea on how to get rid of that problem or do I just have to deal with it until they some day within the next 20 years come, by chance, around to fix that?

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