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Why is my top-ranked gig suddenly losing rank?

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Well, since there's no such thing as a set rank that can be lost in the search system, your gig did not lose any rank.

Gigs rotate all over the search results, and each searcher sees your gig in a different place. Don't worry about it. Just focus on being a great seller, and connecting to the target customers who need the services you offer.

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No ranking is fixed. Its changeable. When you search with your keyword, maybe shows on first page, but same time from the other location/country may not in the same page. There are so many gig ranking factors. If I explain it will be bigger article.  Maybe your competitor doing better than you. So, they getting rank. 

No worries, What you can do in this situation is, to be relax and continue the good work. Use soft language with all the buyer (No hard word) Sometime a buyer could leave a 5 star review, but not providing internal review or submitting a bad review (Fiverr ask every buyer for a hidden review after completing each order).  


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