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Story of My Decline! From New Seller to Level 2 and back to New Seller and End of my Fiverr Career.


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The beginning: 

I was jobless and i was continuously searching for jobs, various interviews but nothing was working out. I had no direction of life, i had no money. I am an Engineering graduate and my family didn't had enough money to afford my Masters so i was in continuous search for a job. I came to know about this wonderful platform where people from anywhere in the world can make money out of  the skills they have. I am very good at graphics design which is a completely different of what I studied. I learnt graphics design and video editing as a hobby. When i came to know about fiverr i immediately created a graphics design gig. the registration process was easy and simple. 

The Journey:

After creating my gig I waited for 2 weeks for my first order. I delivered the design within an hour or so. I was so excited to do my first $5 order on fiverr. Seller immediately replied and he liked it a lot. he left me 5 star rating and a great feedback. and from that order i never stopped i started getting 5 orders everyday. then it increased to 10 orders a day. I started delivering quickly and i was getting more and more orders everyday. One day i was Promoted to Level 1 I was very happy I continued to work and achieved level 2. I was earning good. i got some regular clients who where ready to pay more for priority work. Some buyers left me great tips. I became full time on fiverr and took this seriously. it was helping me generate good earnings i started supporting my family. My Dad was building his dream house i started contributing by helping with some money while also saving for my future. Everything was good but one day Pandemic hit the entire world.

The Decline:

I and my family came in contact with coronavirus during the first wave i was also tested positive and I was sent to a government building/ temporary camp for those infected with this virus, many were quarantined along with me. I had more than 15 Orders pending. I took my laptop with me but because the quarantine camp was away from city the internet was bad. all orders started getting late. I couldn't do anything i couldn't breathe properly i couldn't work, everything was sinking like a broken ship i lost all hope and i started loosing orders. after 20 days of quarantine and when I got better and got a negative RTPCR i was allowed to go home. I started working and i had only 5 orders remaining. yes i turned on the out of office, but the existing orders destroyed my gig ratings. 

Somehow i managed to get back my rating to 90+ and then the 2nd wave hit again. I also lost my 2 regular buyers they never replied. i dont know  how they are doing and there is no activity in their profile. 

During 2nd wave in India. The whole nation was running to find oxygen. I was one of them for my family i was running to find bed in hospital and oxygen. It again affected my ratings and now i am demoted to New seller. I am no longer Level 2 seller and my dream to become TRS has shattered. 

I have very few savings left what ever i had i spent in hospital expenses. everything was so expensive I lost all my savings on medicine and hospital bills.

I'm getting only 1 or 2 orders from past 2 months. sometimes just 1 order a month. :(  

I have again started looking for job in my city.  I feel depressed and I feel like nothing is left my freelancing career is over. :(

(Thanks for reading it till the end, its too long. I tried to make it short so that I don't take too much of your precious time. Thanks a lot.)

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1 hour ago, lloydsolutions said:

Sorry to hear what you have been through. Your last delivery was 1 day ago.

This topic may be helpful to you: 


Yes the last delivery was 1 day ago. one of my regular buyer who orders thumbnails. Its like restarting my freelancing career on fiverr. 

Thanks for the link Its really nice article a must read. I will surely implement the tips and hopefully  the sales will come again.

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9 minutes ago, lloydsolutions said:

You have done it before. There is no reason why you can't do it again.

yes hopefully i will. but the reason why i am worried this time is because my order completion is 84% and on time is 81%.  why buyer will trust me when they have level 2 sellers with better feedback and  lots of new sellers with better ranking. I still have some hope.  Thanks

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8 hours ago, roshanekka said:

my order completion is 84% and on time is 81%.  why buyer will trust me

Because they don’t see those statistics. 


On the side note: being a freelancer is very different from being employed. You HAVE TO have a plan for future, insurance etc. I know it might look tempting just put everything in savings but you are your own boss and you need to plan for future, you are not paid holidays or sick leave and you have to account for that with your saving or purchasing an insurance even if it’s an extra spending. 

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