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I need some advice..i spend 8 months in fiverr and open 7 gigs but didnt get any orders yet.

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Just like @enunciator mentioned, the first thing I noticed was the picture of tom cruise as well, and It's completely irrelevant to the service you offer.

Moving on,

I have noticed that your profile description and all your gig descriptions are too messy and hard to read. I don't think they're accurately explaining the service you offer either. 

Secondly, You should overhaul your gig images big time (especially the gig thumbnail). I saw in a couple gigs you have uploaded the same exact image in different colors. The impression a buyer who visit your gig would get is that you're here to make a quick buck by delivering sloppy work. Nobody wants that of course.

The best advice I can give you (and this is my personal opinion) is to delete all the gigs you have right now and create 1 gig flawlessly. Spend at least a week on that gig to perfect it, and then you can move on to additional gigs.

Hope that helps!

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