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My Buyer is extremely disrespectful and is just blaming everything on me!


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I have a buyer right now who wanted some social media posts (that's what I do), and I've completed it to fullest of my potential investing all the time & effort I had.

And now, he is not even seeing them and just sending me the revision request! Over and over again!

Saying that " I'll send you the details for changes " and just send me the revision request. And he is not even replying to any on messages and when I waited for 24hr and he didn't sent any details so I submitted the order again saying to give me the revision request with its details.

And then instantly he gave me the revision request again without replying any of my previous messages and again saying " I'll send you the details for changes " and not sending anything...

This has happened for 3 times now and the order is already in "late order" section, and now I said that "If u want any changes then give me details first and then send me the revision request!"

To which he was saying that "I'm disrespectful to him" and threatening me that if you "If you hadn't made any mistake then it would have been done by now, and If you'll be like this then I'll cancel the order and find another freelancer."

I mean, Are you kidding me, I don't think I talked in any disrespectful manner and the order is late because you're not providing me details to makes changes and after spending 20+ hours in making the work for you, You are saying that you'll cancel the order!

And I'll don't really discriminate buyer based on their order value but, he is expecting $5,000 work for $50...

I don't even know what to do...

I've messages him few times in my utmost respect but even though he isn't replying and the order is still on revision right now and tbh I don't want to loose money as I've worked for it with all my effort!

Can you guys please advice me with this...

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