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Hello community, 

This is my first time posting up service in Fiverr, and after I saved everything and published it, most of my gig content disappeared.

As you all know, the gig images can only be uploaded after providing other information, but my gig page now only has gig images with no other information. It makes no sense how this happened.

I put much work to make sure the gig looks the best it can be, but I am very shocked and disappointed to see them disappear for no reason.

I had sent the issue to customer service, but it will take around 12 hours, as it said in the mail. 

Has anyone run into a situation like this before? Does Fiverr can help us to get back the disappear gig description? Or I should start a new one? Also, I am curious why this happened? Is it because I took too long to set up the gig?

Thank in advance, any suggestion or experience sharing would be very helpful to me.

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