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The seller wont cancel



The seller I ordered from is refusing to deliver the gig I ordered from them and is trying to still receive the money from it, I tried to cancel many times. But they keep declining and marked the order as ''delivered'' and now are just waiting until the delivery time is up so they can take my money. Please help.

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7 minutes ago, miraculousgi269 said:

Please help.

Canceling a completed order

Tip: Review our order cancellation policy for more information.

If your order is already marked as complete, you won't have access to the Resolution Center. In this case, please discuss the cancelation and refund request with your seller before asking Customer Support for help. Once an agreement has been reached, ask Customer Support to cancel it, and be sure to include sufficient evidence of work not delivered. 

Note: As per our Terms of Service, orders may only be canceled within 14 days of the order being marked as completed. Orders complete for longer may not be eligible to be canceled. 

The above is from the Help Centre.

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