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1 hour ago, mahmudmonir_ said:

I can't find my 1 Gig in search result

No one can see my Gig, where is it?

Double-check and make sure that you have published your Gig. If you confirm that you have published it, try searching for your Gig by Gig title or using keywords from your description.

The above is from the Help Centre.

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i'm just fed-up and very disheartened. all my gigs are deranked by fiverr and none of them is searchable under any keyword. whenever i open a ticket then they keep saying that it's active we can't do anything else... it's 5th month and my account is just dead, please give me honest opinion is there a way that my gigs willl shows up again or not?

ive tried everything that i can do, but no results.

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