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HOW can get my first order??

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1 hour ago, aminul_wp said:

I create account 1 years  ago and publish gig but i don't fount order. How can i get order

You need to research marketplace and try to develop your skill high demand able work. You need to publish these type gig, which can be help others. And focus your gig image. Because, a buyer click your gig when your gig is eye-catching and professional. First impression is very helpful for getting order. Then try to send buyer request regularly. I think it’s help you getting 1st order. Thank you. 

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first you need to understand how the system work  means how the fiverr works you have to explore things its not one day or night struggle you have to give proper time to build an empire . you need to struggle day and night until you get succeed as i have done 6 years but still i am struggling in  exploring new things


thank you  

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