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I am a new seller. How to I can get my first order?

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What have you done so far? If you just post a gig, and forget about it. You need to improve your game. You need promote your gigs even more. Most of new seller that fail in Fiverr(I believe in other platform too), cannot "selling" their gigs.

Here some tips for you to improve your gigs:

  1. Do research to get correct keyword.
  2. Use that keyword in your title, desc.
  3. Use proper images cover
  4. Describe your service as deep and clear as possible

After your gigs ready, you need to promote your gigs as wide as possible. Here some tips for you:

  1. Join Online Communitty such as FB Group, Twitter, IG, Telegram Group, Forum, etc: Share about your expertise that related to your gigs
  2. Create biolink like "Linktree" if you don't have a website
  3. Share content in your social media
  4. Engage with people
  5. Do not SPAM.
  6. Do not begging for an order.
  7. Keep doing it everyday
  8. Use "buyer request" section to promote your gigs.

I ever share my experience how I got first order. It might help you.


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Hello at first welcome to the fiverr. When you are new fiverr offer you to publish 7gigs. And we should take this opportunity. So do it and try to send buyer request maybe you can not get order from buyer request first time but day by day it will help.

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