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How is everyone handling situations where progress billing makes the most sense?



For example, let's say I have a $1000 job that involves 3 deliverables.  After deliverable #1 is done, the client needs a couple weeks to use it to provide information so we can complete deliverable #2.  And, same thing for 3 deliverables.

Everyone agrees that $333 should be paid after each deliverable is complete.  But, there doesn't appear to be a way to accept progress payments like this.

Short of dividing the job into 3 separate mini-jobs, any suggestions?  We'd love to keep the chat history, interactive comments, and deliverable artifacts across the entire project instead of losing it with each job.

We're fine with creating the mini-job just for accepting the payment, but the client's billing method is charged when the main project is accepted.  So.... ????

EDIT: The scenario here is an order was created for single payment, but then turns into a milestone arrangement after discussion on the requirements takes place.

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Using the MIlestones option would have been the best bet, but if the order is already in-progress, (to the best of my knowledge) there's not anything that can be done to change it. Fiverr has some tools but it's not very flexible. 

(Dropping the link here, for anyone who visits this topic and doesn't know about Milestones. https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010560178-Working-with-Milestones?segment=seller )

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