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New type of scam,

i will explain it simply.

and this can cause your seller account blocked if you get this 3x in a week or month.

after this chat of being afraid of additional payments, the buyer "mistakenly" pressed complete instead of revision, i have made it clear to press revision, i don't know why he press complete. but fine, i will keep working and send it through email and chat. (first picture of message)

after that i sent the work through wetransfer.com for big files. it was NFT animations, 3 scenes, 2 characters, full background, for only $55 super cheap and fast, please see gmail screenshot, cyber botan also has downloaded the files.


soon, he reported to fiverr he was tricked for completing the order when the file is not complete. of course, the job wasn't done right there, and i have sent it through wetransfer.com, he has the file, but HE REPORTED THE FILE IS NOT COMPLETE

Now who is fiverr gonna trust? the buyer ofcourse.

in just a few chats with no solution, the fiverr team decided it is my mistake, cancelled the order, and sent the money back to buyer, left me a warning.



1. i got an order

2. buyer pressed complete mistaking it for revision

3. buyer got his files from gmail or other platform

4. buyer reported i scammed him, misusing complete button, and not sending full files.

5. fiverr will give you warning, take your money back, and ur left alone in this cold world.

Last screenshot is Pavel from supports. He replied just almost the same with everyone. He was the third person i talked too, first was named Uro i believe. they doesn't care if the buyer is the one who pressed complete, like, how can i press complete it's on the buyer's side ?? but yeah, soon after that reply, order cancelled, buyer get the money back, and his file delivery from wetransfer.com through email, and i get nothing but a warning, which the third one will get me banned. thank you soooo much

thank you, i hope this is clear enough, i hope this does not happen to you guys.

fiverr help will also don't care about this situation apparently.. i have contacted them multiple times.

God bless you all.

fiverr : anofritz3D, if i am gone within few days, acknowledge how dangerous this scam is, and  i hope you all are safe.





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