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Coupons - cannot send another later if customer lets first expire


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I've got a ticket open with the helpdesk, but so far, no resolution, so I am calling this out as a potential issue for others who use coupons.

Issue: If a customer lets a coupon expire without using it, I (assume you as well) do not have the option to send them another coupon later. 

Example: I sent a coupon to a previous customer in Nov.  The customer did not have work for me at the time, so the coupon expired.  However, the customer does have work for me now, but his name is not on the eligible list of who I can send a coupon to, even though I have available coupons. 

Why this is bad:  Coupons are meant to entice customers to place additional orders.  If a customer can only receive one coupon, during the life of our Fiverr relationship, that feels fairly useless to me.  I can certainly understand not allowing multiple coupons per customer per order, or maybe even during a given timeframe, but that isn't the feedback I am getting from the support team. 

Workaround: Of course, as freelancers we have the right to set our price to be whatever we want, that the market will support.  So, I can just manually discount orders for my repeat customers.  This, to me, is less elegant than being able to remind and prompt people with a coupon. 


Anyone else seeing this same issue? 

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