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Why canceled my completed order



On Sep 14 I completed an order. On December 28 suddenly I got a notification that says my order has been canceled. When I contact Fiverr support then, one support member says that don't worry it is a buyer third-party payment vendor issue, you will get back your found 7 days later. But, when 8 days after I didn't get back my found then again I contact with Fiverr support then they are said that I misuse of the delivery button. But I never misuse the delivery button. Then they say that I didn't use any images, links, or videos on delivery. When I said them It was an adult website that is why I didn't use any links or images. When I deliver the order communicate with the buyer, He was satisfied with my work. He had no complaint about my work. Here the buyer did not express any dissatisfaction with my work. So why would Fiverr cancel my order and Why take my found.


Now how can I get back my found?? 


Please anyone help me!!

Fiverr _ web_imon _ Shopping _ Status of your order No.FO71DEB70F4C7.png

Why cancel my order – Fiverr Help Center.png

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You are not going to win this battle and get your funds back.

The buyer went to whomever they used to pay for an order on Fiverr and opened a dispute and got their money back, which means your order gets cancelled automatically by Fiverr.

Where things went sideways was when they investigated this order and saw you did not deliver in the normal way you are supposed to - by adding links/pdfs etc to the order to show you actually did the work.

I am also not sure if providing services that are pornographic (adult content) are even allowed here. I get why you may have thought twice about uploading their files due to the content, but, again, you are not going to recover those funds, regardless of whether the buyer raved about you at the time, gave you 5 stars or didn't complain.

I have had people order over the last decade here (very few) who turn around and do a charge-back through their payment source. 9 times out of 10, I never see that money (funds) back in my account.

It stinks, but, you are not going to get the result you desire, no matter how often you repeat the same thing to customer service. Best to move forward - and I would read the TOS to make sure offering to work on adult sites is even allowed:



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