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Impressions went from 6000 to 120 per day because of cancelation...



I am 5 star seller, 80+ orders, Level 1 seller (becoming level 2 soon) and THIS happened to me...

On 19th of December I got a big order and in few hours buyer canceled the order and told me to cancel it aswell because he paid with the wrong card and he wants to order again with correct one. I was like ok, since I didnt want to get negative review. I canceled the order. After that day, my gig was invisible, I couldnt promote it, impressions tanked down from 6000 to 120 per day. I have probably been shadow banned because cancelation % of orders went from 0 to 3% (and its going up since I dont have new orders).

I have heard some people had similar problem but their impressions recovered after 30 or 60 days.

Can someone tell me from their experience how much did you wait for gig to recover?


Thank you community


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On 1/5/2022 at 11:31 AM, suarez16 said:

I canceled the order.

Unfortunately, this is why you were penalized.

What you need to do in the future is reach out to customer service and tell them the situation and why your buyer needs to cancel. Then ask customer service to cancel the order for you so that it will not affect your stats. Be sure to include the part where you do not want it to harm your stats, as the situation (as mentioned above) was totally out of your control and not your fault.

Did the buyer re-order with the right card? Hopefully, they came back.

Anytime you initiate a cancellation or agree to one with a buyer without having customer service intervene so you will not be penalized (and know, you cannot just ask them to cancel "just because" - there has to be a good reason, like your situation) the system only sees you cancelled an order and did not earn Fiverr (and you, of course) any $$$.

Only way to get your Gig back up in the pages etc is to get orders and fulfill them.

Sorry this happened to you. I had to have customer service cancel an order a week ago due to this person ordering the same thing twice. They took care of it for me and it did not hurt my stats.


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